Monday, March 3, 2014

Reviewing: Thor: The Dark World *Movie

(I downloaded so many GIFs from this movie, oh my word)

Okay. To get this started, I would just like to let you know that this is not a spoiler-free review. There are going to be lots of spoilers, actually, from both Thor the First and Thor the Second.

So, the movie starts in Thor's world. Backstory-- like with Thor the First. It tells you all about the Dark Elves (which seem to be equivalent to the Frost Giants in Thor 1; all they want is to see Asgard [and all the other planets, for that matter] burn to nothingness, until, as their name hints at, there is nothing but darkness]). They also had a feud with one of Thor's ancestors, and although Odin continuously tells Thor that the Dark Elves are completely wiped out, you quickly find out that (of course) they are not.

I loved so many things about this movie, and I was gasping/shrieking with anger, shock, and joy throughout the whole entire thing. (Also, I think I'm in love with Loki and Darcy. They are hilarious.) And the plot twists were so brilliant. I never saw any of the things that happened coming.

Anyways, after you are tossed around in the Dark Elves' backstory, the movie shows the now, where they are crushing the last of the Dark Elves' population.

So we see Lady Sif and the Warriors Three all looking awesome as they go on fighting.


And then Thor shows up-- making a huge entrance, of course.

She's saying, "I've got this completely under control!"

(he gets his face smashed in the ground by a Dark Elf hehee)
And then the Dark Elves summon this gigantic rock beast. Sif goes, "All yours," and Thor walks up to the Giant Rock Beast. He says "Hello,". The Rock Beast roars in his face. Thor says, "Very well, I accept your surrender." The Dark Elves laugh at him. The Rock Beast prepares to smash Thor. Thor spins his hammer. Hammer flies up. Rock Beast flies into a million little-ish rocks.  (As you might've guessed, the Dark Elves are no longer laughing.) And so Thor goes...

To which I was like...

Of course he was.
So after Thor and his friends win the war, they go home to Asgard and celebrate with drinking and dancing. But Thor doesn't want to party. Thor wants Jane. After Odin practically shoves the fact that human lives are nothing and Sif is obviously the better choice in Thor's face, Thor walks off, still wanting Jane. (Good Thor.)

The movie then moves on to show Jane. On a date. Well... trying to be on a date. Darcy shows up and starts eating Jane's food.

The point is, there are readings on Jane's device incredibly similar to when Thor arrived on Earth two years ago. (Talk about a long-distance relationship.) So Jane tries to ignore Darcy and continue on with her date. She cannot. She's still crazy about Thor. She leaps up and chases off after Darcy. Turns out, Darcy, Jane's intern, has an intern, named Ian. (Ian is British and Ian is funny.) Anyways, they race off to an abandoned old factory-like building. There seem to be portals, invisible ones. (Apparently, these are affects of the planets lining up, which was discussed near the beginning of the movie.) Jane goes through one. AND MEETS THE AETHER. It's evil and red and it goes inside of Jane. The energy of it is too much, so if she doesn't get it out soon, she's going to die. 

Apparently, when Jane went through that portal, the Golden-Eyed-Man (I'm calling him that because I can't remember his name at the moment) couldn't see her. Thor gets worried. Thor goes to find her.

He shows up like this...

Jane slaps him.


So a lot of stuff happens-- Jane blows up a few police cars by accident, and Thor takes Jane to Asgard. It's all very sudden.


So then the Dark Elves are drawn to the Aether's power, and go to Asgard. (I feel bad saying this but their ships were so amazing.) They destroy buildings and kill a lot of guards. (The glowing swords reminded me of Star Wars.)

And so Thor makes a plan. One that involves treason. One that involves Loki.

And even longer line than that, when you think about this:

You guys are gonna have to wait. Hawk Eye got dibs.
So Loki was AWESOME. My favorite of his quotes was when he turned into Captain America.

I'm not gonna lie. I laughed especially hard at that part.

But that wasn't it when it came to humor! When Loki and Thor are attempting to make their way out of Asgard, they make quite a few jabs at each other.

The ending was the best part. 

It was the biggest plot twist of all time, and I'm not exaggerating in the least when I say Thor: The Dark World, was way awesomer than Thor the First. (At least in my opinion.) 

That being said, I cannot wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron (evidently, I will have to wait, since it comes out in 2015). Loki will not be present, but there's going to be a brother-sister duo that will hopefully be just as great.

Rated 5 stars. ANOTHER!!!!


Tansie G.

(Also, I just realized how huge this post was. And I might've gone a bit overboard on the GIF usage. Oops.)


  1. Hahaha XD This is epic! It's almost better than mine ;)

    PS. They weren't fighting the dark elves at the beginning of the movie. It The only elves left after Thor's grandfather killed them "all" were on the super awesome air ships.

    1. Is you sure. Hm.. okay. I trust you.

      And are you kidding? It was way better than yours! ;P