Thursday, March 19, 2015

5 Things You Should Know About K-pop

I was going to write "5 Things I'm Obsessed With" but then I realized that the first thing on my list (k-pop, in case you were wondering) was taking a suspicious amount of space.

And then I realized:

Each list must absolutely have a sub-list. (I'm weirdly complicated like that).

So that's what I'm going to do (along with a bunch of links if you want). When I first watched k-pop, I was horrified. Why are they all so CUTESY?? Why are the guys dressed like that??? What is happening????

Turns out I was wrong about a lot of things, and a bunch of other people are too when they draw assumptions about what k-pop is.

1. Most of the time, yes, it is colorful and crazy and looks like Lady Gaga's spawn. Ex: Big Bang, 2NE1... But that's fine--it's actually really great, to me--and if that's not your thing then no worries. Korea has just as many types of music as anywhere else.

2. It's not always techno and wild dancing! There are these things called ballads and there are quite a lot of them.

3. The guys do not always look like girls. Yes, there are exceptions (think Ren from Nu'est), but most of the time it's pretty dang obvious if the person is a male. If you don't like happy, fun music where the guys act all overly-cutesy (that is called aegyo, btw) then there are plenty of options. Ex: B.A.P., BTS, and tons more.

4. Please do not say everyone looks the same. I know at first it's really confusing-- but isn't it always? K-pop groups are dressed to look alike in mv's because they're a team. Don't even try and tell me that this guy:

Looks EXACTLY like this guy:


Or that this girl:
Looks exactly like this girl:


5. Last but not least--the dancing is awesome and each song has its own choreography. It might look easy sometimes but just try it. It is really friggin' difficult, and the physical strength it takes to do the choreography and sing at the same time is incredible. (I can barely breathe after dancing like that.)

Now for the list of songs (be warned. this list is really freaking long):

GOT7 (this group puts martial arts tricking into their choreography and has more of a retro-y(?) style. also they have 3 members who can speak fluent english)
BTS (this group is more hip-hop and their lyrics are generally super meaningful--plus their rapper line is incredible)
  • N.O. 
  • No More Dream (note that this mv has a very useful introduction thingy before the music starts)
EXO (this group is more of what you think when someone says "pop"--their vocals are amazing)

***Note: EXO-M and EXO-K are subgroups. Overall there are ten members (two left). EXO-K performs in Korean and EXO-M in Mandarin. 
  • Growl (they perform all together in this one, but it's the Korean version)
  • Overdose (EXO-K version) Overdose (EXO-M version)
SHINEE (they have a lot more "cutesy" songs, but occasionally do slightly darker(not really) music)
B.A.P (they're one of the "baddest" groups out there and have awesome stage presence and kick butt choreography. pretty much every rapper has their "thing" and Yongguk's is CHYEAH. listen to one song and you'll know which one he is)
2NE1 (one of the toughest-seeming girl groups out there that have never, to my knowledge, released a cutesy song)
VIXX (I really don't have much to say except that they are all idiots in real life okay do not be fooled)
And here's a bunch of others that I didn't include: B1A4, Orange Caramel, Tiny-G (and here's another one 'cause I can't help it), Purfles, UNIQ, Super Junior, Big Bang, BTOB, BEAST, BLOCK B, 2PM, Madtown, B.I.G., Hotshot, KARA, Boyfriend, C-CLOWN, etc. (Each link takes you to one of their songs.)

And guys, you need to watch Big Byung. They're hilarious.

Also, here is a song that I've been listening to a lot today. 

OKAY WOW THAT TOOK FOREVER. (And you definitely do not need to watch all of them oh my word I really went overboard).

Ahem. So. I have more writerly things planned for this week and next week so don't worry I won't spend all my time telling you about k-pop. 

That being said, if you listened/watched any of the music above please let me know what you thought! 

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