Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Liebster Blog Award

I, peoples, have received a Liebster Award. *cue ridiculous dancing*

Ahem. Sorry about that. Anyways, I got nominated by the fabulous Skylar @ Life of a Random. (Thank you Skylar. You're awesome.)

11 Facts About Myself

1. I started writing and blogging because of my sister.

2. I can very easily get tired of pizza. In my family, that is weird. Like, in-need-of-medical-attention weird.

3. I have a dog named Dora whom I love.

4. I almost never cry when watching movies or reading books but I cry fairly easily otherwise.

5. I go through music-phases. Sometimes I listen to only classical for a week or more, then only metal, then only pop, then only rock, then only dubstep. Rap has yet to be on the list.

6. I can come up with hundreds of papers of research on a single topic, but I can't for the life of me write a good research essay.

7. I remember details about people crazy well. I'm serious. I remember birthdays, hobbies, favorite fast-food restaurants, goals, full names, etc. after hearing them once.

8. I enjoy blasting rock/country (nothing else) music and slamming an air guitar/line dancing by myself when I'm supposed to be cleaning my room.

9. I sang in the shower until I heard my sister doing the same thing and was aghast to realize literally everyone in the house could hear.

10. I started writing in journals when I was seven.

11. My favorite genre of movies is action.

Skylar's Questions

1. How did you come up with your blog's name?

My sister and I came up with the name Tansie for a pen-name, then I went "Oh, Totally Tansie sounds slightly okay!" and so it was Totally Tansie. But now when I look at it all I think is that is totally sounds like a cheesy TV series where the intro consists of me flipping my hair, making an exaggerated happy face, and gushing/bordering on squealing: "I'm totally Tansie!"

2. Given the choice between having blue hair forever or a dragon tattoo on your arm forever (duh), which would you choose?

Probably blue hair forever. #fabulous

3. Do you like reading book blogs or watching booktuber videos better?

Book blogs. I don't really know why.

4. Do you have a bucket list?


5. I couldn't live without my computer... or books, obviously. BUT, excluding your computer, books, cellphone/phone (you know, the essentials), what's one thing you couldn't live without?

Food and water, obviously. And clothes. That would be embarrassing.

6. What's your least favorite food?

Tomatoes and some ungodly concoction called millet.

7. Do you make up new endings in your head for books or movies that stunk because they were so sad?

Yes. Tears. (Ex: War Horse. The Book Thief. Hachi. I could go on but I think I might start bawling.)

8. What does your handwriting look like? Picture please. 

"Hello, peoples, I am handwriting. Sometimes I look nice and sometimes
I just spazz out really bad oops."
Taken with a terribly low-quality camera. Oops.

9. What do you want to accomplish in five years?

I want to graduate from high school, publish a book, and get into a good college.

10. Hardcover or paperback?

Either one is good for smacking faces.

Sorry, that was mean.

Okay, umm... probably hardcover. I love just sitting there and stroking the cover like a completely normal person.

11. What is your favorite sound?

Leaves rustling (like, in a non-creepy way), rain, and all of the noises you hear at the ocean excluding people.


Anyone who wants to join in! Comment with a link to the post and I'll check it out :) I honestly have no idea who to nominate. It's not just because I'm a severely lazy person with no ambition.

My Questions

1. What's your favorite movie genre?

2. What's your favorite food?

3. Tattoos, piercings, or neither?

4. What's your favorite quality for a person to have?

5. Book that most effected your view of life and/or people?

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

7. Have you ever read a book because of the hype for it, then realized that it was just not for you? If so, name it!

8. Opinion on book-to-movie adaptions? Do they ruin the book for you, or make it come to life?

9. What's the last song you listened to?

10. What's the last movie to make you cry?

11. If you had to choose between being an elf or a dwarf, which would you prefer?


  1. Elf! Elf! #IamTauriel #Bow

    I had such a great time reading your facts and answers XD and I'm kinda jealous of everybody who gets to answer the questions...

    1. Aww, you lie. *blushes* Thanks though! And your questions were awesome too! Blue hair? Yes please. Also, I can totally see you rockin' the elf look.

  2. your handwriting is soooo cute!!! :)

    1. (First of all, I am so sorry it took me so long to reply) Second of all, thanks! :P I swear it only looks cute when I try to write neatly, though. Otherwise, NO ONE can read it.

  3. I started blogging because of my older sister too!! She told me (and my younger sister) to start a blog there we are. x) How can you get tired of pizza though??!! omg. ;) Lucky you having such a good memory! I barely remember my own name sometimes. Seriously, in a few years I'll be throwing my own surprise parties and having a grand ol' time. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

    1. Older sisters are awesome! (most of the time) In my opinion, you can get tired of any food ever. I can even get tired of chocolate. (my sister will threaten to disown me if I tell her that) Don't feel bad about the name thing! It took me forever to remember how to spell my sister's middle name. :/ And surprise parties? Gotta love 'em. ;P