Sunday, February 8, 2015

Writing Recap

So, I said these things would be monthly, and this month I guess it's gonna be early on. I'm just gonna talk about the awesomeness that is Word Counter and also what music I listen to the most while working on Current Untitled Project.

So, first of all, Word Counter (copy, paste, press enter) is a website that, well, counts words. But on top of that, it tells you what words you use the most, how many sentences you've used, how many paragraphs, and how many words per sentence you typically use-- all that good stuff.

My personal favorite is what uncommon words (meaning no a, the, an, etc.) you've used the most.

Here's mine:

(I really like cars)

As for the music...

These are pretty much the only songs I've been listening to during this writing process. 

I've been working on this book for about a week (?) and I have 26,300 (rounded) words so far. I'm about halfway through and I really hope I can finish it this month, but it might go on forever. Who knows?

Coming Soon on My Blog: Please note that "Coming Soon" can mean anything from one day to one week.
  • Hopefully a review of "White Cat" by Holly Black. 
  • Aaand I'm gonna link up with Beautiful People || Valentine Edition


  1. Thanks for sharing WordCounter! That's going to be a valuable resource when I get back to writing my book. O_O Did you get to finish your book in the end? I hope it went well! =]

    1. I did! Thanks for asking. :) It was a struggle but I'm pretty proud of the result. Good luck on your writing, too!