Saturday, January 31, 2015

Update on Millionth Book Idea

Actually, it's not my millionth book idea. I know. I lied already, and it's only the beginning of the post. Shameful.

But it is one of the many, MANY ideas I've already had this year-- and it's only the end of the first month. *sigh* I like ideas, but they either come all at once or not at all. For a person whose life is practically planned on Post-It notes, this is extremely infuriating.

But, hey-- can't have everything.

For some reason, Shadows Dancing (my WIP about a ghost-come-back-to-life girl) is being a lot harder to write than I anticipated. I churned out the first few chapters fairly quickly for me, but now I don't know what to make happen, even though I made an outline.

The only solution, for me, is to write something else until I receive a burst of genius/inspiration for aforementioned WIP.

That solution came in the form of a book about aliens, guns, and kick-butt sisters taking on a severely damaged world.

I haven't even decided on a name, since the idea is fairly new, but I've gotten a good start on it and some serious stuff has went down.

Enough so that I can post some quotes.

Quote 1: The following is a conversation between an enemy-dude, alien Xak, and main character Quinn.

His eyes lit with hope. "Okay. Okay, I work for a man named Crazy Pete."
"Crazy Pete?" Xak asked. "Sounds like the criminal name of a demented child."
"It's his name, I swear."
"Does anybody know his real name?" I asked.
"His right-hand man does." He said.
"Who's his right hand man?"
"Buffalo Joe." Xak offered.

Quote 2: The following convo is between Xak & Quinn.

"Calling someone demonspawn is not endearing. In fact, most people would view that as an insult."
"You called your sister a wet sock once." He said.
"Yeah, I was definitely insulting her. Everyone hates a wet sock."

Quote 3: The following is between Quinn and her sister, Luna.

"Fine." I growled.
She smiled victoriously. "Knew you'd say yes!"
Okay, yes, very good. Now shut up.
I muttered angrily under my breath as we went down the stairs and out the glass double doors. Well, at least what has used to be glass double doors.
We kind of smashed them.

Quote 4: A leader of a large group of raiders.

"You find yourself wanting to trust him?" he asked. "Remind yourself of what the aliens do. Remind yourself of the state of humanity. And remind yourself that this is what they did to us."

Quote 5: 

All around were dead bodies. Pile after pile, children slit open from their chins down. The smell of blood was so strong I could nearly taste it, and I wondered why I hadn't noticed it before.

Anyways, I'm quite enjoying writing this story. It's a bit out of my comfort zone (aliens and dead children and all that), but hey-- I've written guns and fighting before. The aliens are very, very interesting because I make them whatever I want. *cue evil laugh* 

I'm not entirely sure how to sum up this idea in a sentence. It feels sort of impossible. 

I'll try to put up a few updates of whatever project I happen to be working on at least once a month. So, um... Any favorite quotes? 


  1. ALIENS AND SISTERS OH MY. I am on board with this. I do love myself a good alien story, and this one looks awesome, if I may say so :-) And I love the quotes!

    1. Thank you so much! :D AND YES. ALIENS AND SISTERS. What could go wrong? ;)

  2. !!!
    Very interesting! I totally feel you on the Having Your Millionth Book Idea, I had that last week. The inspiration just never stops, which so many authors would think is a good thing but actually it's just like D= How am I supposed to write them all?!

    1. I know!! So many ideas and not nearly enough time to write them all. The struggle is real.

      Good luck on your idea! May it end in glorious triumph and not writer's block + random urges to fling your computer across the room.