Monday, April 27, 2015

Life Update

Okay, so, in case you wonder why I've basically dropped off the face of the Earth over the next few weeks, I will explain beforehand.

I've got end of course tests (EOCs) coming up. They are legit a week away from today.

Not only that, the tests happen to be in Algebra and Biology-- two classes that I struggled a lot in this semester. The first because, hello, it's Algebra + new material to learn, and the second because my teacher is horrible.

On top of this, I take a Gaming 1 class for extra credit, and over the next couple of weeks I am supposed to be planning and creating my own custom game. (The type of games I have been creating are platform (think Mario) games and scrolling shooter games). At the beginning of the semester, the only class I had taken before that had anything to do in Gaming was an online college class that was more about designing games than actually creating them. So, yeah. Having to churn out one game each week has been very stressful.

School is officially out for me May 15. So that's probably around when I'll start getting back into blogging semi-regularly, doing more link-ups, etc.

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