Friday, May 15, 2015

I'm Baaack!

And officially done with school.


(And by party time I mean nap time for the next thousand years. Anyone wanna join?)

This semester totally kicked my butt-- both physically and mentally-- and I am sooo not prepared for next semester (where I will have to have four classes, another online college course, and community service and just oh my gawd no).

But what will I be doing this summer???

  1. Watching (re-watching, that is) and crying over Angry Mom (a superb k-drama that deals with real issues involving teens which is such a nice change from the usual k-drama) with my sister, who I forced to watch with me this time around. 
  2. GOING TO A BTS (k-pop) CONCERT. BTS is my favorite group of all time so... yeah. I'm really pumped up. 
  3. Posting on here! Obviously. I'll get back into the swing of bookish things very soon. I got a couple books from the library a couple days ago so... *wink wink*
  4. Reading lots, hopefully. I barely read at all this semester so I'll have to make up for it this summer.
  5. Exiting the house at least once for exercise purposes. I really do not like exercising in very humid summer weather, but I need to get out. I've lived like 99% of my life in my room. (Which explains my crippling social anxiety).
  6. Getting my driver's permit. WHICH IS SO EXCITING TO ME. I CANNOT WAIT. 
For the first few weeks I will be completely focused on the blog and reading, so there will be a lot more posts, no worries. I'm also going to start posting more about my writing since I'm getting back into that as well (school takes over everything ugh). 

Until next time!

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