Friday, July 10, 2015

Top 5 Genres I Want to Write In

Note: Regarding some of the following genres-- I have actually written in them. I just want to write well in them.

1. Fantasy

I haven't written in fantasy in aaages. The first time I did, it was like I took every fantasy creature, every cliche fantasy world, a perpetually angry werewolf prince, a clueless girl with links to the royal bloodline and expected them to get along. The last time I did, I wrote about changelings and hell hounds and a man called the Time Keeper, which is such an original name. 

2. Steampunk

I've never tried steampunk! I've only read around two books about it, actually, so I also don't know very much about it. But it interests me and I would love to write something in this genre, just to test the waters and see how it goes. 

3. Futuristic

I'm actually in the process of writing two futuristic books right now-- but I've never finished any drafts that I was pleased with. This is very disappointing and makes me sad whenever I think about it, but hey. Rome wasn't built in a day. I have plans to finish one of them soon. The other, well... it might take a little longer.

4. Horror

I've very recently started to have more creepy book ideas. And even though I'm not very skilled at writing creepily, I'm getting better. (But it's a slow process. I really don't think I'm a skilled enough writer to tackle some of the ideas). I would really love to write a horror book from the view of the villain. Wouldn't that just be deliciously chilling? 

5. Romance

Well, that was quite a jump. Straight from horror to romance. I should've put this after contemporary (maybe I could just smush the two together). 

I'm going to be completely honest: Romance is not my strong point. The couples I write are simply not romantic people. They're fighting wars. They're ruling countries. They're saving the world (or, y'know, setting it aflame). Who has time for kisses and declarations of love? 

But I would like to try my hand at simply having two people fall in love. (Although it sounds quite boring to write. Where would I put the explosions and death???)

Also, I'm sure this is nothing new to anyone who reads my blog, but if I disappear again, the reason is because my computer has been super slow recently. :( 

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