Monday, February 1, 2016

What's Happening in February AKA The Game Plan

I'm probably going to have to check this post every time I come up with an idea for a post, just so I don't forget what I'm supposed to be doing, but here we go: The Game Plan for 2016. Otherwise known as: This post really should have happened in January but oh well. This is basically going to be a summary of different types of posts and what I'm going to be doing with them... or not doing.

Just in case you forgot who you were dealing with.


This month, I am only going to be reading and reviewing books that were first published on Wattpad. I have a serious problem with discovering new authors (AKA I never do unless the book is super hyped), and a serious problem with reading at all once school starts (for some reason I don't read paper books, I only read books that are online) so hopefully this will fix both problems. 

This is only going to be going on in February. In March, it'll be something else, but from here on out every month is going to have a theme. Ex: In March, I might only read high fantasy, and in April I might pick steampunk. 

Life Posts

There are going to be almost none of these. And that's because my life is ridiculously boring. 

Moving on.

On Writing

I'm going to be doing these approximately once a month. Sometimes it might be a little more, sometimes I might not do them at all (if I'm not currently writing anything), but these will just be about different aspects of my current WIPs. Like characters, plots, world building, etc.

Since I just did one last week, another one probably will have to wait until near the end of this month.

Link Ups

I hardly ever do these as it is, but now I am thinking of doing them once a month. Again, hopefully. I don't really know about a lot of link-ups, so that's going to be another thing I try to know more about this year. Also I don't really read a lot of blogs. I only religiously check three blogs for new posts and that is terrible. 

Other than the types of posts I talked about above, there isn't anything else that I'm thinking about posting about. Occasionally there might be some lists (because, seriously, who doesn't like a good list)-- probably like the Top 5 Villains post I did forever ago. I am completely open to any other ideas, but for right now this is what to expect. 

I'll be posting on either Sunday or Monday each week. 


  1. You have a good plan for Feb! My plan is also to accomplish what I didn't get round to in Jan. Looking forward to your Wattpad story reviews and writing posts.

    1. Thank you! I didn't get a lot done of what I wanted to in January either, but hopefully that won't happen again. Good luck!

  2. Join a linkup, they can be really fun. I have met tons of bloggers through them, and just out of curiosity what three blogs do you check religiously, I think I need more blogs to follow.

    1. I've done a couple before and they were awesome! I think I'm really just lazy and that's why I haven't done many lol. Paper Fury, To the Barricade!, and Life of a Random are the blogs I check. I've been following each of them for yeearrrssss.

  3. I like game plans. And, DUDE, I can't wait for the Wattpad story reviews.

    1. I know you do. And me neither. Fingers crossed I find the good ones. ;)