Tuesday, January 14, 2014

10 Things You Don't Know About Me

This is going to be a very short post, because I seriously doubt you want to know about me when you could read a review on Clockwork Angel that I will be re-reading and reviewing for you in my next post.

Soo... let's get started.

  1. I wrote my first "book" when I was seven. I had a whole series titled "The Shetlands of Shawnee". I was a bit obsessed with horses. Hopsy, Popsy, and Lopsy were the main focus. I... I am so ashamed of those names. I like to say my first actual book was written when I was eleven. It's much better, I promise.
  2. My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla. Or cookies and cream. 
  3. I moved to Arizona in 2007, then back to my home state in 2009.
  4. The name of my first main character was Sarafina Fiona Lo. It's what one of the stray cats my sis and our friends played with was called and I guess little me thought it was cool. It wasn't. It was weird.
  5. I like horses now, but I used to be obsessed with them. (As mentioned above with my Shetlands of Shawnee) I wanted an Arabian mare, preferably black, with a star on her forehead. 
  6. I make lists when I'm confused about life decisions.
  7. I love dancing. 
  8. I almost took violin and ballet lessons when I was little, but decided I didn't want to for some reason.
  9. I adore movies with car chases. And sword fights. And kick-butt heroines. Basically, action and fantasy. AND ANIMATION. I just really love movies.
  10. I'm unbelievably sarcastic, especially around people I'm comfortable with.


Tansie G.

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