Friday, February 14, 2014

Reviewing: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

I'd been wanting to read Shatter Me for ages, mainly because all I'd read about it was mostly good stuff. So I checked it out on Goodreads-- it sounded pretty good, and the cover was absolutely gorgeous. So my sister borrowed it from the library, and I read it in a day.

(here's my review from Goodreads.)

Wow, um... that was intense. Juliette's way of describing things is... haunting, almost. Her words become a chant sometimes and it's just-- wow. It's kind of creepy, but it draws you in-- gives the words a bigger impact than if she'd just said the sentence flat out. And sometimes the sentences cut off halfway and then start back up a small while later. I had read snippets of Shatter Me with bits like that, thinking it was kind of weird. I never thought that this kind of writing style could be so awesome. 

Okay. Obviously, I liked the writing style. I also liked Juliette. (Okay, who am I kidding-- I loved her.) She was constantly having a battle within herself. Is she insane? Is she a monster? She desperately wants to be told that she isn't-- know that she isn't-- but she can't. You can feel it tearing her apart. It keeps her from getting close to anyone.

Until Love Interest. He entered the story seeming smug, confident, and someone I wanted to just slap. Really hard. But then he got better. And then PLOT TWIST and he got worse. It was a roller coaster ride. I really wanted to like him-- mainly because Juliette really liked him, and she deserved awesomeness after what she'd been through. Someone to hold her and protect her-- and stand by her when she was ready to fight. (I also like how she saved him a couple times. She's got all her powers-- I almost felt like she should've saved him more. But that's just me.)

And I'm sure a bunch of people enjoyed the scenes I'm about to bring up, so don't be offended if I disagree. Juliette and Adam (aforementioned love interest). Are. Always. Kissing.


Oh, hey! I just saved your life and we're being hunted and we should probably go, but before we do, can you kiss me for a whole page?

I asked Evil Guy to remove the cameras in my room so we could smooch. So let's.

Sorry. But it was just constantly happening. Almost die. Kiss. All better. It's like true love's kiss a billion times over and completely unnecessary because no one's fallen under a sleeping spell and needs to be made out with until they wake up. 

And every guy in the book (except for three and one is a 10 year old) was constantly gawking at Juliette. THE GIRL. HAS BEEN STARVING. FOR THREE YEARS. SHE TAKES. TWO MINUTE SHOWERS. SHE IS NOT. GOING TO LOOK. LIKE A MODEL.

Again, sorry. Rant over, I promise. It just got to the point whenever she met a guy I would just be like: Oh, please, not you too.

Don't get me wrong. Juliette is beautiful and she deserves to be loved, I just felt like it was a bit much.

And the ending threw me off, but I'm not going to say why because of spoilers.

All-in-all, Shatter Me was awesome, but had a few things that I just didn't like. Thus the four stars.


Tansie G.

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