Thursday, February 6, 2014

Guest Post: 10 Ways to Make Your Sister Mad

Fabulous guest post by the lovely Skylar Finn. You can find her at Life of a Random.

10 Ways to Make Your Sister Mad
To be honest, I was going to do siblings but I realized that I don't have as much experience with making brothers mad since mine is four and gets mad when I take away his toy train. I'm guessing teenage guys don't do that (this is also about teenagers...or 10+ maybe).

1. Ignore her. This is very effective. 
2. Call dibs on a book/series that she loves. Claws out. She's gonna forget all the nice stuff you've done for her.
3. Eat the last chocolate. I admit that this is a personal weakness. 
4. Steal her phone/computer/electronic device. These are soulless actions. Stop them. Unless you want to die. (I have both given and received death threats for this particular one.)
5. Unknowingly use the same name for a character you're writing as she did. 

sister: "You copied me!"
you: "I didn't know."

(More or less the way it goes. I may have exaggerated a tiny bit)
6. Mimic her. It's infuriating to her. Trust me ;) 
7. Order her to do something. She won't and you'll hurt from either punches or the murderous glare she's throwing your way.
8. Play a song she hates over and over...and over...again.
9. Grin and be happy when she's already in a mood. She is disgusted by your joy. It fuels her hate-fire.
10. Mess up one of her books (heaven forbid). Yeah, don't do this on purpose. I mean, I love making my sister mad but that just takes it too far. Hurting books for the sake of revenge (or whatever else)? What kind of person are you anyways?

I know that no sibling relationship is exactly the same so these are just facts that I've discovered while interacting with my sister. Hehehe. Don't worry, we're really close. 

Or we have been until now. 

Anyways. Let's just brush past that. Do you know someone who does these things or do you practice these activities yourself *wiggles eyebrows*? (You little naughty you.) Is your sister ticked off by any of these things?

Tansie again. Thanks to Sky for the guest post and sharing her evil schemes! (My personal favorite is 5.)

To Sky: You're hilarious and I love you. But if you play 'Mm Yeah' one more time...

Oh my word. Seriously dying with laughter right now.


Tansie G.


  1. This is such a great list, Skylar! The "I will sue you for everything you own" may or may not have been thrown around our house. But my sister and I don't usually steal each other's ideas...("usually"). Hehe. This is an awesome post! And I can attest that brothers still get cranky when they're reeeally old if you take their stuff. (My brother used to get very pedantic when I stole his hat. His HAT. Come on!)

    1. Thanks, Cait :D The suing thing might work better as a threat if I actually owned more stuff. "usually" sly dog XD

      Yeah! What is it with guys and their hats? They just have this thing and they get so protective (I have guy cousins). One time one cousin's hat (snapback) got crushed and he just had this stunned, can't-believe-this-just-happened look on his face. I think he started hyperventilating.