Thursday, March 6, 2014

Retelling: Romeo and Juliet

So, basically, I'm reading Romeo and Juliet for school, and this evening my sister and I were just hanging out in the living room with my little brother, and I lunged to my feet, grabbed her by her shoulders, and yelled, "Romeo, oh Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"

And she yelled back. "Right here!" (Which I guess is her equivalent to "Herefore I art!")

And then we acted out Romeo and Juliet, with a few plot twists here and there, with them dying way more times than they actually did. It all started when Romeo (my sister) and Juliet (me) started yelling at each other about Romeo's cloak. (By the way, my lil bro plays Benvolio)

Romeo: *swirls cape* I have climbed the balcony to see thine fair face!
Juliet: *fearfully* If they see thee they will kill thee! *grabs Romeo's cloak and yanks out of his hands* You must go!
Romeo: Nay! My love for thee is too strong! (As is my love for my cloak!)
Juliet: *shrieks* Leave! Leave! *beats Romeo with the cloak* Leave, you fool!
Romeo: *yelling* Why does't thou beatest me with mine cloak as if I am a dog?
Juliet: *still shrieking* Because thou art a lovesick puppy!
Me: (I'm saying me because I fall completely out of character) *starts cackling* *continues cackling for the next century*
Romeo: *incoherent yelling*
(I couldn't hear was she was saying because I was laughing too hard)

As you can see we veered slightly from the original storyline. It was a beautiful mistake.

The fight over the cloak ends in Romeo killing Juliet, screaming that she is an evil, crazed woman. She became undead. She chased him to his room. He continuously screamed while trying to block her out. He killed her with an electric taser. She came back as a ghost.

Romeo: *moaning* Oh, Juliet, what have I done to make you haunt me so?
Juliet: You killed me twice.
Romeo: ...Oh.

In this quote, Juliet is still a ghost. The two are arguing. Romeo calls her a crazed female, she yells back that he is cheap. 

Romeo: *yelling* You call me cheap? You see-est my cloaks? They are from Venice!
Juliet: *yelling back* Yes, the patchwork is lovely!

Ghost Juliet beats Romeo with his cloak (not sure if that's possible but whatever). He ends up dying.

Juliet: Benvolio, my love!
Romeo: *rises from the dead* What? How darest thou cheatest on me! 
Juliet: You are dead!
Romeo: As art thou!

And that was pretty much how it went until we both got tired of yelling at each other and stomped away. (Still in character, of course.) We are now sitting in my room on our computers. 


Tansie G.


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  2. Hahaha this is perfect. We must do it again, Juliet.

    BUT, next time my cloak will stay firmly attached to my shoulder. Thou wilt not touch it. (I have integrated electricity. It will zap you.)

    1. I am a ghost, Romeo Montague, you fool! I cannot be ZAPPED. (Also, thou art dead. Go buriest thineself.)

    2. My father was right, you FIEND! Curse the Montagues!