Saturday, March 1, 2014

One Almost First-Draft, One Campus Tour, and Two Birthdays

There were five sort've-major events that happened recently. Or just three, depending on how you look at it.

  1. It was my sister's birthday! 
  2. It was also my mom's birthday! 
  3. I went on a university tour with my dad and sis, checking out the campus and sitting in a 30 minute meeting/conference/thingy. My mom took care of my brother the whole time, and told me to pay very careful attention, because what my sis was doing would be me one day. (It was all very terrifying.)
  4. I've almost reached 70,000 words on my first draft in one of my WIPs! (The scary part of this is that there's still so much of the story to tell.)
  5. I saw Thor: The Dark World!!!! (finally)
On Major Event 1, the whole thing was super professional. I had to sneak photos when no one else was looking because it'd be incredibly awkward if they happened to be standing in front of me when I took it.

It also dawned upon me how horribly short I am. Every time I walked through a doorway near some guy, my eyes nearly bugged out of my head because I felt like I was about to be squashed. (But it's not my fault! Both of them were all athletic and sportsy. And one of them had a really low voice. It was weird.)

The cathedral at this school was amazing. I took a picture, but it was all blurry and there was half of the top of someone's head in it (yes, it was one of the guys. I was standing directly behind him and I couldn't see anything but his back, the ceiling, and the parts of the room beside and around me). My dad and I snuck out for about fifteen minutes because we were early, and I got most of my pics then. The reason why one of these is blurry, is because I couldn't take my eyes off of my little brother for a second before he was racing off into the middle of the road. I don't think he realizes cars/trucks/pretty much any vehicle could squash him flat.

Otey Hall. Yes. That's its real name.

Part of the Quad. There's one side missing, so students have taken to calling it "Truad" or sth.
This is the absolutely gorgeous (and delicious, might I add) all chocolate cake that we had for my mom's and sister's birthday. (Which actually happened quite a bit before the campus tour and such.)

We went to an Italian restaurant beforehand. It was also incredibly good. I gave my mom her present (a butterfly necklace-- I found both the pendant and the necklace itself at Michael's. trust me when I say it's really hard to hide things from the person paying for them. also, this is the only present for her I've ever been almost positive she would like/love) and then, a few days afterwards, my sister's presents finally arrived in the mail!! I was so pumped because I would get to tantalize/torture her with them because I knew she would absolutely love them.


I was, of course, correct. She squealed and hugged me and said "thank you" a million times. I was very pleased with myself. 

And for my WIP, I'm extremely excited with how it's been coming along. It's the size of a real book, and I just keep on giggling as I think about having an actual copy in my hands one day. (I also realized that since I started it almost two years ago, it needs serious work. Some of it is very cringe-worthy.)

And I will be talking about Thor: The Dark World, soon. Probably alongside a book review of Save the Enemy, by Arin Greenwood (whenever I get around to reading it).


Tansie G.

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