Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reviewing: Legend by Marie Lu

Legend by Marie Lu
Things I Loved:
  • June and Day. Not just together, either. They were just as awesome apart. At first, I was worried they would blend because they seemed so much alike, but after a few chapters it became quite obvious that they were very different people.
  • The aspect that neither side is safe, but they're not completely evil either.
  • The lack of a love triangle. So. Much. Relief. 
  • The introduction into the book. Yeah, it starts out a little slow and with a bit of background, but it's never boring or overwhelming. It helps you understand the setting and the characters better than if you'd just been dropped in.
Things I Thought Could be Better:
  • The plot twist, or rather, the big reveal, and June's reaction to it. In my opinion, it could've been laid out differently to make a bigger impact. As it was, it wasn't that shocking.
  • How Day's and June's reactions shifted. What I mean by this is... Sometimes I felt Day and June reacted differently than seemed characteristic. Something big would happen, and their reactions would feel a little off to me. It didn't happen often.

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