Friday, April 25, 2014

Reviewing: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
Things I Loved:
  • Rose's loyalty to Lissa. 
  • The world building. It was really cool learning about the Strogoi and the elemental magic.
  • The darkness that seemed to be right around the corner every single page. It kept me reading.
Things I Thought Could be Better:
  • The climax. I felt it was over too soon compared to the drawn out lead up. 
  • I get that Rose is supposed to be a wild-child. I get that she sacrificed a lot for Lissa. I get that she is tough. But I don't get why she broke down over the things she did, or made the enemies she did without knowing the whole story. She was too impulsive. So ready for a fight that she caused them to happen.
  • Rose could be a bit harsh. Like I mentioned above, she would lash out at people she knew next to nothing about, ruining their potential popularity/friendships/relationships. She seemed really selfish at times.
  • Rose and Dimitri. Their almost-relationship just didn't feel right.
I guess the short answer for Things I Thought Could be Better is Rose. I had heard so much about how she was so awesome, that I guess my expectations were a bit high. But that doesn't change how I feel about her. Things I usually like in a protagonist (for example: rebellious-ness, sarcasm, attitude, and loyalty) was so maxed that it got irritating. Rose broke rules for the heck of it. She sassed out anyone that dared get too close.

The short answer for Things I Loved is the world that the author created. Magic? Elemental magic? Yes, please. Two kinds of vampires? At war with each other? Loving it.

The world was great. The characters could've been better.

My Rating:

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Tansie G.

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