Monday, February 17, 2014

McKays and Michael's

Yesterday was a very busy day. I went to Michael's, Ross, and McKays, and my mom went shopping at a few grocery stores.

For the books I got at McKays, here they are:

Ruined by Paula Morris
Marked (House of Night Bk. 1) by P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast

And I even creeped out of my comfort zone to try Marvel Adventures: The Avengers: Bizarre Adventures: Vol. 3

I was very amused by Spider-Man's ("That's Spider-Man, with a hyphen" ~ Spider-Man) and Iron Man's senses of humor. It was a very, very quick read, but also very fun. But comic books just aren't my thing, I guess.

At Michael's, I got my mom's birthday present, and a pendant for the steampunk photoshoot my sister has been intent on doing. I think we've got our outfits mainly sorted out-- the buying part has yet to be done-- but we've got the colors and main ideas. Mine is going to be a dress of some sort, and hers is going to be pants and a corset. (I also really, really want a top hat.)

Anyways, Michael's has loads of adorable things for steampunk. She freaked. I freaked. We both freaked. And we bought a few things to decorate necklaces, chokers, etc.

Here's the one I got (yes, yes, I know. only one?! alas, I am broke.) I got. Which I am completely in love with.

I have yet to figure out how it'll be used, but probably for a choker. It just seems like it'd suit it. My sis also got brown and black ribbon-- very steampunk-ish. 

Times like these I wish I had a sewing machine so I could do some DIY for our outfits. I can sew with needle and thread (thanks to many afternoons spent with my grandmother) but I'd rather not try something that would leave me with aching fingers and increasingly large crooked stitches (what? it's hard to stay focused on neat little stitches when you have a growing migraine).

I can't stop obsessing over the tiny gears and mechanical pieces Michael's had. It was beyond perfect. All the metal things! I should probably stop looking at steampunk things on Pinterest, or else I'll get as obsessed as my sister. It's just that steampunk is the perfect mix of kick-butt and feminine. Of lace and leather. I mean LOOK.

They're beautiful.

Anyways, I've gotta run, so, later,

Tansie G.

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