Monday, February 3, 2014

Reviewing: Switched by Amanda Hocking & My Goodreads Challenge Pt. 2

Last time I posted something similar (January 20 [ here, btw]), I had read 6 books of my goal of 60, then reviewed Something Strange and Deadly [here] and made that 7.

I'm kinda disappointed that in 14 days since then I've only read five books, but I've been insanely busy. Like I mentioned in a post a little while back, I have a big test this week.

So, the five books:

  1. Flash Gold by Lindsay Buroker (a mere 42 pages so I'm not really sure if this counts)
  2. Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis (320 pages. I reviewed it here.)
  3. Double Crossed by Ally Carter (just 60 pages)
  4. The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross
  5. Switched by Amanda Hocking (bought this one yesterday and finished it today)
The following is my review (on Goodreads) of Switched.

The book begins with Wendy's sixth birthday, on which her mother tries to kill her.

From the first paragraph, I decided I would like the sense of humor in this book. Dry humor/sarcasm always wins me over. 

The main issue for me started when I was about one-third in. Let me say this before I begin: I am very picky about love interests. This time, I was bothered by how quickly Wendy changed her mind about Finn Holmes. The guy started out creepy. Too creepy for her to even think about the fact that he was attractive. (Her words not mine.)

BUT THEN SUDDENLY his gaze is so intense it takes her breath away and OH she wants to be with him every second of the day and MY GOSH he's the only one she trusts and he'll protect her forever and ever and--

Yeah. That just really bothered me, because their interactions were so amusing and fun at first, and Wendy seemed like a level-headed, sarcastic girl that would be really hard to win over. I wanted them together solely because they could keep each other on their toes. (Well... maybe not Finn. I don't know if anyone could do that to him.) 

One other thing that really isn't a big issue is the fact that is takes Wendy a really long time to figure out things that were super obvious (in my opinion). 

That aside, I really did enjoy reading this book. I loved exploring the world and meeting all the different characters, along with discovering how their world functioned. All the titles and powers were absolutely fascinating and I'll definitely be reading this again whenever I need something to make me laugh or simply want something in the fantasy genre to read.

So yeah, there you go. 

Later loves!

Tansie G.

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