Sunday, December 22, 2013

My People Stay Indoors

My sister was supposed to guest-post today, but she's a forgetful turd so she's forgiven. For now. I will attempt revenge when I'm not in my ultimate relaxing mode.

So winter break came round December 21 for me, and I was so, so happy because I'd been tense and freaked out with semester assessments.

The main reason I haven't updated in a while is because of school and writing. It fills my schedule to the brim. Oh, and my sister and I watched a few movies. Shh.

And I've been forced to go outside recently. It's a scary, scary world, dearies. All cold and dark and ew.

This is basically me whenever someone tells me I need to go outside:

Also I watched Paranoia last night. It was starring Liam Hemsworth. It was a pretty good movie, I would suggest it if you were into action and didn't mind some cussing.

This post is super-duper short, but I really have to go.



Tansie G.

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