Monday, January 13, 2014

Reviewing: Austenland *Movie

First of all, yes, I am aware of how many reviews I've been doing recently. I'm also aware that we're almost halfway through the month and I've only posted twice. I'm really sorry, it's just that my inspiration is running really, really low.

I watched this movie twice in two days. Mostly because the first time I saw it, I paused it a lot to get food and drinks because I was eating. Plus if I like a movie a lot I'll watch it over and over and over again. That being said, even my sister wanted to see it again -- and wasn't bothered when "again" was the next day! She never does that. 

I'm guessing the reason is because Austenland is so hilarious. I died laughing at the way some of the characters spoke, at what her friend said that some people might've seen as disrespectful or cruel, but I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. I laughed anyways, and I probably will every time I see that scene.

Anyways, Jane Hayes has never had much luck with guys, and her obsession with Jane Austen -- or, more specifically, Pride & Prejudice -- is probably 98% of the problem.

So when she finally reaches her breaking point, she goes to Austenland, expecting awesome Regency era clothing, and, of course, romance.

And she finds it.

A lot of it.

Plus, there's a plot twist that left me very surprised. I spent over half of the movie telling my sister that the romance with a certain guy was going too fast and I didn't like it. Or him.

And turns out, I liked the right guy! Yaaay!

My point, I suppose, is this: Go see the movie. It's perfect if you wanna see some adorable romance and hilarious actors/actresses that will make you laugh.

4 stars.


Tansie G.


  1. It was five stars.


    You must call meh. Amulhia.

    *leaps and bounds out of room*

    1. BWAHAHAHAHA. Ahhhh. That part had me wheezing for air.

      Also, my ratings are never wrong, dahling, the others are. The others being you.

      But let us not argue about who's rating is right (mine is). I never look back, dahling. It distracts from the now.

      *walks fahbulously away, hair bouncing because it's faboo*

    2. -_- Your hair's bouncing because you use too much hair spray.

      Have you no compassion for my nerves?

      Obviously not. And my rating is very correct. It's as correct as correct can be. And also, thank you. Yes, I'm very funny.

    3. Hair spray? Ha! You're the one who needs it. (And it's bouncing because it's FABOO.)

      And I have much compassion for your nerves, they've been my constant companion all these years.

      And you're rating is wrong.