Thursday, January 9, 2014

Reviewing: Frozen *Movie

Let me just start off by my usual apology of the lateness of my post. I honestly did plan on posting earlier this time. I wrote a whole new post, then didn't click the 'Publish' button simply because the idea didn't flow. I was totally stumped.

Also, Happy Belated New Year's!! *laughs at self because it's been over a week since New Year's Day* 

That being said, let me continue on to today's post; Reviewing: Frozen.

List of Things I Liked About Frozen:

  1. The sister relationship. It's not everyday you find two sister's who care about each other as deeply as Elsa and Anna do. (By not everyday, I mean I've never seen it in an animation like this before.)
  2. Olaf and Sven. You know. The non-humans. They were honestly two of the most hilarious characters in the movie.
  3. I especially liked the new take on true love. It does not happen when you just meet! So, you sang a song together -- don't marry someone you only met that day! I love how the movie emphasized getting to know someone before claiming it was "true love".
  4. How kick-butt Elsa is with her ice powers, and how kick-butt Anna is without them.
  5. Did I mention Olaf and Sven? Because OLAF AND SVEN.
  6. Also, Kristoff reminded me of myself. Finally, a character who isn't cheerful all the time or isolated because they're trying not to hurt anyone or just a downright villain. Kristoff's just not a people person, and he constantly seems atleast halfway irritated throughout 3/4 of the movie. But he's funny at the same time. 
List of Things I Was a Teeeensy Bit Bothered About In Frozen:

  1. Before I say the first thing, please note that this didn't bother me that much, and it's just a personal preference. Hence how I didn't really enjoy all the singing. I know a lot of people absolutely loved it, which is why I'm trying not to offend any of those who did. I actually enjoyed a lot of the songs, but you'd just be in the middle of a conversation and then BAM singing. It was really hard for me to get into it okay? I'm SORRY.
  2. This is a bit of a spoiler so... [spoiler begins here] I didn't like how just a small while after Anna finds out about {major spoiler ahead, I'm not kidding} Hans never actually {if you watched the movie it's fine, but if not are you sure you want to keep reading} loved her, he was just using her to get near the crown, and she knows she has to get a true love's kiss, and Olaf is all like {another spoiler} "Well, too bad Kristoff isn't here, 'cause he totally loved you," and Anna's all *magical choir moment* *gasp* "Kristoff!" And chases off to find Kristoff to plant one on the guy. [spoiler ends here] Yeah, that just really bothered me.

Anyways, as you can tell, my lift of "Things I Was Bothered By" is a lot smaller than "Things I Liked". Overall, I really liked this movie. I wouldn't say loved, but I'd definitely watch it again.

Later lovelies!

Tansie G.

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